Text adopted by Parliament, 2nd reading  
2008/0223(COD) - 18/05/2010  

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Council position at first reading with a view to the adoption of a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the energy performance of buildings (recast). It approved the Council’s position.

A draft Commission statement on financing for energy efficiency in buildings is annexed to the resolution.

In this statement, the Commission underlines the crucial role that financing instruments play for a successful transformation of the European building sector into an energy-efficient and low carbon one.

The Commission:

  • will continue to encourage Member States to use extensively the available funds under the European Regional Development Fund and support Member States in making better use of all available funds and funding that can act as a leverage for stimulating investments in energy efficiency;
  • will explore the possibility of further developing all existing initiatives, such as the Smart Cities initiative (SET-Plan) or the use of the Intelligent Energy - Europe II budget, e.g. for the purpose of knowledge sharing and technical assistance on the establishment of national revolving funds;
  • will prepare an overview and analysis of financing mechanisms currently in place in Member States and take account of the findings to endeavour to disseminate best practice across the EU;
  • will reflect on the possible future development of financial incentives (inter alia with regard to the Union instruments referred to for this purpose in Article 10(5)(a)) and their optimal use for investments in improved energy efficiency of buildings.