Council position  
2013/0165(COD) - 04/03/2015  

The Council's position at first reading amends the original Commission proposal by partially redrafting it on the basis of the agreement reached with the European Parliament.

With respect to the amendments proposed by the European Parliament, the Council notes that a large number of amendments have – in spirit, partially or fully – been included in its position.

The Council’s position:

·         clarified the reference to eCall throughout the text, including in the title, by adding that it specifically concerns the 112-based eCall;

·         provided for an extension of the scope to systems, components and separate technical units;

·         added a provision making it clear which categories of vehicles are exempted;

·         added new definitions clarifying certain notions used in the text and also  to be used in the future in delegated acts;

·         stipulated that the eCall system should be permanently installed in the vehicle when this is presented for type-approval;

·         added in the text the possibility of vehicle owners to use third party services (TPS) in addition to the 112-based eCall system, while avoiding to impose any obligations on TPS;

·         provided for the compulsory compatibility of the eCall system with the Galileo and EGNOS navigation systems while giving the possibility to manufacturers to ensure compatibility with other navigation systems as well;

·         provided that the 112-based eCall should be accessible for repair and maintenance to independent operators at a reasonable fee;

·         provided a clear reference to the personal data protection rules applicable, by stipulating that : (i) eCall data can only be used for the purpose of handling emergency situations and that they shall automatically be deleted ; (ii) there can be no exchange of data between the 112-based eCall system and any third party system ; (iii) the owner's manual shall provide information to the owner on the processing of data by either system;

·         added a provision that certain practical arrangements in the area of data protection shall be specified by implementing acts rather than delegated acts;

·         stipulated that the empowerment of the Commission to adopt delegated acts shall be limited to a 5-year period, tacitly extended;

·         requested the Commission to submit by 2021 an evaluation report on the achievements of eCall and its penetration rate, and to investigate the possible extension of this Regulation to other categories of vehicles.

Lastly, the Council fixed the date of application at 31 March 2018 in relation to what is provided for in Decision 585/2014/EC.