Text adopted by Parliament, single reading  
2015/2935(RSP) - 16/12/2015  

The European Parliament adopted by 327 votes to 293 with 61 abstentions, a resolution on the situation in Hungary.

The text adopted in plenary was tabled by the S&D, ALDE, GUE/NGL and Green/EFA groups.

Recalling that the recent developments, and initiatives and measures taken over the past few years in Hungary have led to a serious systemic deterioration in the situation as regards the rule of law and fundamental rights, Parliament reiterated its position expressed in its resolution of 10 June 2015 on the situation in Hungary. It recalled that all Member States must comply fully with EU law and that all legislation must reflect and be in accordance with basic European values, namely democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Members voiced serious concerns regarding the series of swift legislative measures taken in recent months that have rendered access to international protection extremely difficult and have unjustifiably criminalised refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. They expressed their concern regarding respect for the principle of non-refoulement, the increasing recourse to the detention, including of minors, and the use of xenophobic rhetoric linking migrants to social problems or security risks. The Hungarian Government is urged to return to normal procedures and repeal emergency measures.

In reaction to the worrying developments in Hungary, Parliament urged the Council of the European Union and the European Council, as soon as possible, to hold a discussion and adopt conclusions on the situation in Hungary. Moreover, Members believed that by not considering or responding adequately to Parliament’s concerns repeatedly expressed by the majority of its Members, the Council and the Commission undermine the principle of mutual sincere cooperation between the institutions laid down in Article 13(2) TEU.

Parliament believed that Hungary is a test for the EU to prove its capacity and political willingness to react to threats and breaches of its own founding values by a Member State. Whilst welcoming the opening of the infringement procedure against Hungary concerning asylum acquis, Members regretted that infringement proceedings, in particular, have failed in most cases to lead to real changes and to address the situation more broadly.

Parliament called on the Commission to:

  • activate the first stage of the EU framework to strengthen the rule of law, and therefore to initiate immediately an in-depth monitoring process concerning the situation of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary, and evaluate the emergence of a systemic threat in that Member State which could develop into a clear risk of a serious breach within the meaning of Article 7 TEU;
  • continue all investigations and the use of all existing legislative tools to their full extent, in order to ensure the transparent and proper use of EU funds in Hungary on the basis of EU law.