Committee report tabled for plenary, 1st reading/single reading  
2015/0817(NLE) - 17/03/2016  

The Committee on Budgetary Control adopted the report by Igor ŠOLTES (Greens/EFA, SI) in which it called on the European Parliament to deliver a negative opinion on the Council’s nomination of Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI as a Member of the Court of Auditors.

Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control evaluated the credentials of the nominee, in particular in view of the requirements laid down in Article 286(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. At its meeting of 15 March 2016, the Committee on Budgetary Control heard the Council’s nominee for membership of the Court of Auditors.

The curriculum vitae, the candidate's answers to questions from Members as regards his professional experience, the guarantees of independence in the performance of his duties are all contained in the Annex.