Text adopted by Parliament, single reading  
2017/2968(RSP) - 08/02/2018  

The European Parliament adopted by 384 votes to 153, with 12 abstentions a resolution on time change arrangements. It called on the Commission to conduct a thorough assessment of Directive 2000/84/EC on summer-time arrangements and, if necessary, come up with a proposal for its revision.

Parliament noted that numerous scientific studies, including the European Parliamentary Research Service study of October 2017 on EU summer-time arrangements under Directive 2000/84/EC, have failed to come to a conclusive outcome, but have instead indicated the existence of negative effects on human health. In addition, a number of citizens’ initiatives have highlighted citizens’ concerns about the biannual clock change. Members added that it is crucial to maintain a unified EU time regime even after the end of biannual time changes.

Parliament has raised this issue before, in Oral Question O-000111/2015 on 25 September 2015.