Legislative proposal  
2018/0807(CNS) - 28/05/2018  

PURPOSE: to approve the conclusion by Eurojust of the agreement on cooperation between Eurojust and Albania.

PROPOSED ACT: Council implementing decision.

ROLE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: the Council adopts the act after consulting the European Parliament but without being obliged to follow its opinion.

BACKGROUND: Decision 2002/187/JHA provides that Eurojust may conclude agreements with third States and organisations. Such agreements may concern the exchange of information, including personal data and the secondment of liaison officers or liaison magistrates to Eurojust. Such agreements may only be concluded after consultation by Eurojust with the Joint Supervisory Body concerning the provisions on data protection and after approval by the Council.

In order to strengthen its capacity to work with Albania, Eurojust has negotiated an agreement on cooperation between Eurojust and Albania.

Albania has ratified the Council of Europe Convention and its Additional Protocol, regarding supervisory authorities and transborder data flows. The Joint Supervisory Body of Eurojust gave a positive opinion on the provisions of the agreement concerning data protection.

The agreement was approved by the College of Eurojust on 19 September 2017.

CONTENT: under the draft Council implementing Decision, Eurojust shall be authorised to conclude the agreement on cooperation between Eurojust and Albania.

The agreement includes provisions on the exchange of personal data.

Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ireland shall take part in the adoption and application of this Decision.