Resolution on the climate and environment emergency  
2019/2930(RSP) - 28/11/2019  

The European Parliament adopted by 429 votes to 225, with 19 abstentions, a resolution on climate and environmental emergency.

The text adopted in plenary had been tabled as a joint resolution by the S&D, Renew and GUE/NGL groups.

Parliament declared a climatic and environmental emergency, considering that immediate and ambitious action is crucial to limiting global warming to 1.5ºC and avoiding a massive loss of biodiversity. It undertook to take urgent and concrete measures to combat and contain this threat before it is too late. It also called on the Commission, Member States and all global actors to do the same.

The new Commission to:

- assess the climate and environmental impact of all relevant legislative and budgetary proposals, and ensure that they are all fully aligned with the objective of limiting global warming to under 1.5 °C, and that they are not contributing to biodiversity loss;

- address the inconsistencies of current Union policies on the climate and environment emergency, in particular through a far-reaching reform of its agricultural, trade, transport, energy and infrastructure investment policies.

Recognising its institutional responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint, Parliament proposed to adopt its own measures to reduce emissions, including replacing its fleet vehicles with zero-emissions vehicles. It called on all the Member States to agree to a single seat for the European Parliament.