Final act  
2003/0307(COD) - 15/12/2004  

PURPOSE : to establish a single framework for the transparency of qualifications and competences known as "Europass".

LEGISLATIVE ACT : Decision 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

CONTENT : this Decision establishes a single Community framework for achieving the transparency of qualifications and competences by means of the creation of a personal, coordinated portfolio of documents, to be known as ‘Europass', which citizens can use on a voluntary basis better to communicate and present their qualifications and competences throughout Europe. The use of Europass or of any of the Europass documents does not impose any obligations or confer any rights other than those defined in the Decision. This framework created by this Decision consists in a portfolio of documents with a common brand name and a common logo, supported by information systems and

promoted through sustained promotional action at European and national level.

The Europass documents will be:

- the Europass-curriculum vitae ( ‘the Europass-CV');

- Europass-Mobility, which will record periods of learning attended by its holders in countries other than their own;

- Europass-Diploma Supplement, which will provide information on its holder's educational achievements at higher education level;

- Europass-Language Portfolio, which provides citizens with the opportunity to present their language skills;

- Europass-Certificate Supplement, which will describe the competences and qualifications corresponding to a vocational training certificate.

The templates for these documents are set out in the Annexes.

- any other documents approved as Europass documents by the Commission, in accordance with the prescribed criteria and procedure;

Each Member State must designate a National Europass Centre (NEC), which will be responsible for the coordination at national level of all activities referred to in the Decision and which will replace or develop existing bodies currently carrying out similar activities.

The tasks and responsibilities of the NECs are set out in the Decision.

The Commission shall secure the expertise of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) in implementing the Decision, in accordance with Regulation 337/75/EEC. Subject to the same conditions and in the relevant areas, coordination will be established under the auspices of the Commission with the European Training Foundation as set out by Regulation 1360/90/EEC.

By 1 January 2008 and then every four years, the Commission will submit to the European Parliament and the Council an evaluation report on the implementation of the Decision.

ENTRY INTO FORCE : 1 January 2005.