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Part-sessions of 16 - 19 December 2019  
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Agriculture and Rural Development  
Rapporteur : LINS Norbert (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 124808  

Financial discipline as from financial year 2021 and flexibility between pillars in respect of calendar year 2020

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Rapporteur : TOBÉ Tomas (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 197402  

Association of the overseas countries and territories with the European Union ('Overseas Association Decision') (amending Decision 2013/755/EU)

Vote scheduled    

Rapporteur : HOWARTH John (S&D)  
rapporteur_id : 188636  

Amending budget 5/2019: adjustments of administrative appropriations of EU institutions in line with the latest information available and update of revenue (own resources)

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International Trade  
Rapporteur : ROUGÉ André (ID)  
rapporteur_id : 197690  

EC/Pacific States Interim Partnership Agreement: accession of Solomon Islands

Vote scheduled    

Rapporteur : AVRAM Carmen (S&D)  
rapporteur_id : 197651  

EU/Gambia Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement and Implementation Protocol

Vote scheduled    

Rapporteur : JAHR Peter (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 96772  

Activities of the European Ombudsman - annual report 2018

Debate scheduled    

Public discrimination and hate speech against LGBTI people, including LGBTI free zones

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Budgetary Control  
Rapporteur : SARVAMAA Petri (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 112611  

Closure of the accounts for European Asylum Support Office (EASO) for the financial year 2017

Vote scheduled