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Part-sessions of 13 - 16 September 2021  
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Identifying gender-based violence as a new area of crime listed in Article 83(1) TFEU

Constitutional Affairs  
Rapporteur : FREUND Daniel (Greens/EFA)  
rapporteur_id : 106936  

Strengthening transparency and integrity in the EU institutions by setting up an independent EU ethics body

Economic and Monetary Affairs  
Rapporteur : GIEGOLD Sven (Greens/EFA)  
rapporteur_id : 96730  

Implementation of EU requirements for exchange of tax information: progress, lessons learnt and obstacles to overcome

Media freedom and further deterioration of the Rule of law in Poland

Situation in Lebanon

Situation in Afghanistan

The situation in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya

Debate in Parliament    

The case of human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor in UAE

Debate in Parliament    

Government crackdown on protests and citizens in Cuba

Debate in Parliament    

Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs  

United States sanctions and the Rule of law