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Part-sessions of 26 - 29 February 2024  
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Industry, Research and Energy  
Rapporteur : BORCHIA Paolo (ID)  
rapporteur_id : 101039  

Partnership for research and innovation in the Mediterranean area (PRIMA): continuation of the Union’s participation

Debate in Parliament    

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety  
Rapporteur : RIPA Manuela (Greens/EFA)  
rapporteur_id : 206158  

Detergents and surfactants

Debate in Parliament    

Legal Affairs  
Rapporteur : MANDERS Antonius (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 4560  

Protection of the environment through criminal law

Debate in Parliament    

Internal Market and Consumer Protection  
Rapporteur : GOZI Sandro (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 204419  

Transparency and targeting of political advertising

Debate in Parliament    

Economic and Monetary Affairs  
Rapporteur : VAN OVERTVELDT Johan (ECR)  
rapporteur_id : 125106  

European Central Bank – annual report 2023

Debate in Parliament    

Need to overcome the Council deadlock on the platform workers directive

Debate in Parliament    

Tackling the inflation in food prices and its social consequences and root causes

Debate in Parliament    

Pre-enlargement reforms and policy reviews