Text adopted by Parliament, 2nd reading  
2013/0013(COD) - 14/12/2016  

The European Parliament adopted at second reading following the ordinary legislative procedure, a legislative resolution on the Council position at first reading with a view to the adoption of a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council repealing Regulation (EEC) No 1192/69 of the Council on common rules for the normalisation of the accounts of railway undertakings.

Parliament approved the Council position at first reading without amendment.

The proposed Regulation seeks to repeal Regulation (EEC) No 1192/69, with the exception of the provisions that apply to the normalisation of accounts for Class IV cases covered by Annex IV (The bearing by railway undertakings of the costs of crossing facilities).

Those provisions shall continue to apply until 31 December 2017.

It should be noted that a proposal to reject the Council proposal, tabled by the ENF group, was rejected by plenary by 69 votes to 629 with 8 abstentions.