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Internal Market and Consumer Protection  

Substantiation and communication of explicit environmental claims (Green Claims Directive)

Industry, Research and Energy  

Framework of measures for strengthening Europe’s net-zero technology products manufacturing ecosystem (Net Zero Industry Act)

Industry, Research and Energy  

Framework for ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials

Industry, Research and Energy  

Union’s electricity market design

Industry, Research and Energy  

Wholesale energy market: Union’s protection against market manipulation

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety  
Rapporteur : CANFIN Pascal (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 96711  

Specific rules relating to medicinal products for human use intended to be placed on the market of Northern Ireland

International Trade  
Rapporteur : KELLY Seán (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 96668  

Application of Union tariff rate quotas and other import quotas to certain products transferred to Northern Ireland

Specific rules relating to the entry into Northern Ireland from other parts of the United Kingdom of certain consignments of retail goods, plants for planting, seed potatoes, machinery and certain vehicles operated for agricultural or forestry purposes, as well as non-commercial movements of certain pet animals into Northern Ireland


Conservation and enforcement measures applicable in the Regulatory Area of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO)

Transport and Tourism  

Execution of driving disqualifications with a Union-wide effect