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Amending Interim Regulation on a temporary derogation from certain provisions of the ePrivacy Directive for the purpose of combating online child sexual abuse

Multiannual plans for certain stocks fished in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Western Waters, and for fisheries exploiting those stocks: targets for fixing fishing opportunities

Combating illegal immigration: minimum rules to prevent and counter the facilitation of unauthorised entry, transit and stay in the Union

Enhancing police cooperation in relation to the prevention, detection and investigation of migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings; enhancing Europol’s support to preventing and combating such crimes

Transport: enforcement of passenger rights in the Union

Passenger rights in the context of multimodal journeys

Package travel and linked travel arrangements: make the protection of travellers more effective and simplify and clarify certain aspects

Protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances at work. Codification

Third countries whose nationals are subject to or exempt from a visa requirement when crossing the external borders: holders of Serbian passports issued by the Serbian Coordination Directorate (Koordinaciona uprava)

Monitoring framework for resilient European forests