Debate in Council  
2006/0304(COD) - 20/02/2007  

The Council held a preliminary policy debate on the proposed Directive seeking to include aviation activities in greenhouse gas emission allowance trading within the Community. The exchange of views focused on:

-          flights within the EU from 2011;

-          extending the scheme to all flights arriving in, or departing from, the EU as from 2012 onwards which is deemed an appropriate step towards reducing emissions from aviation without entailing competitive disadvantages;

-          the strategy for engaging with third countries;

-          the approach for a cap that takes account of growth in the airline sector and the need for stabilising climate change;

-          harmonised allocation methodology;

-          non-discriminatory measures needed to address regional aspects and special situations of the Member States; and

-          the need to address the impact of aviation on climate change other than from CO2 emissions through Community action.