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EU/Morocco Agreement: protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products, processed agricultural products, fish and fishery products and amending the EC/Morocco Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement  
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NLE - Non-legislative enactments

See also 1995/0363(AVC)

3.10.02 Processed products, agri-foodstuffs
3.10.03 Marketing and trade of agricultural products and livestock
3.15.06 Fishing industry and statistics, fishery products
6.20.03 Bilateral economic and trade agreements and relations
6.20.04 Union Customs Code, tariffs, preferential arrangements, rules of origin

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Preparatory phase in Parliament


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NLE - Non-legislative enactments
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Consent by Parliament

See also 1995/0363(AVC)

Legal basis
Treaty on the Functioning of the EU TFEU 218-p7; Treaty on the Functioning of the EU TFEU 218-p6a; Treaty on the Functioning of the EU TFEU 207-p4
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Preparatory phase in Parliament
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