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Part-sessions of 13 - 16 September 2021  
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Transport and Tourism  

Cross-border infrastructure linking the Union and the United Kingdom through the Channel Fixed Link

Agriculture and Rural Development  
Rapporteur : RUISSEN Bert-Jan (ECR)  
rapporteur_id : 197773  

Community plant variety rights: extension of the term for the species asparagus and the species groups flower bulbs, woody small fruits and woody ornamentals

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety  
Rapporteur : TRILLET-LENOIR Véronique (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 197593  

Serious cross-border threats to health

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety  
Rapporteur : KOPCIŃSKA Joanna (ECR)  
rapporteur_id : 197530  

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

Debate in Parliament    

Rapporteur : TOBÉ Tomas (EPP)  
rapporteur_id : 197402  

Association of the overseas countries and territories with the EU including EU/Greenland/Denmark relations 2021–2027

Transport and Tourism  
Rapporteur : NAGTEGAAL Caroline (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 190519  

Towards Future-proof Inland Waterway Transport (IWT) in Europe

Regional Development  
Rapporteur : OMARJEE Younous (The Left)  
rapporteur_id : 30482  

A new approach to the Atlantic maritime strategy

Regional Development  
Rapporteur : BIJOUX Stéphane (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 197551  

Towards a stronger partnership with the EU outermost regions

Employment and Social Affairs  
Rapporteur : BRUNET Sylvie (Renew)  
rapporteur_id : 197576  

Fair working conditions, rights and social protection for platform workers - New forms of employment linked to digital development

Rapporteur : PIZARRO Manuel (S&D)  
rapporteur_id : 197732  

Fishers for the future: Attracting a new generation of labour to the fishing industry and generating employment in coastal communities